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China's first 100MW Liquid-cooled Energy Storage project - Kehua's benchmark investment

From any perspective, the 100MW/200MWh project located in China’s Ligwu, completed in cooperation with Kehua, is impressive. The investment enables ESS container storage facilities to be charged and discharged with green energy, influencing the development of the Gobi desert region. The solution based on an integrated liquid cooling system for energy storage, provided by Kehua Digital Energy, is the first 100MW project of its kind in China. This realization confirms Kehua’s leadership in the energy storage industry and sets new trends and market standards.

Ningxia comprehensive energy production and storage project

The project (referred to as the “Ningxia Project”) is located in Ningdong, Lingwu City, Ningxia Province, with construction starting in September 2022 and completed with grid connection on December 31. The project is equipped with 63 sets of liquid-cooled battery containers (capacity: 3.44 MWh/set), 31 sets of energy storage converters (capacity: 3.2 MW/set), an energy storage converter (capacity: 1.6 MW), a control cabinet system and an energy management system (EMS).

Once the project is operational, it will serve as a giant “energy storage facility,” which will translate into an effective increase in the flexibility of power grid regulation and the ability to accept energy from new sources in Ningdong.

Peak power regulation and grid stabilization from Kehua

As an additional peak power and frequency regulation system, the project’s annual power regulation capacity can reach more than 80 million kWh, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 100,000 households.

At the same time, the said project also enables the provision of various ancillary services, such as emergency backup, emergency start-up and demand response support for the power grid. The proposed storage solution is an important milestone towards the implementation of large-scale energy storage systems for peak power control and grid connection of renewable energy sources. In addition, it provides an important reference point for promoting the idea of building new energy storage systems.

Integrated liquid-cooled energy storage system

An integrated liquid-cooled ESS system requires technical knowledge and skills, as well as the proper matching of batteries and components. At the same time, safety, operation and maintenance, transportation, etc. must be taken into account when designing and assembling it.

That’s why Kehua, which specializes in photovoltaic energy storage systems, provides comprehensive support for safety, optimization and innovation in every part of the system, from the PCS energy converter, battery kit to entire container systems. With more than 35 years of experience in power electronics, excellent knowledge of power grids and specialization in energy storage, Kehua ensures stable and smooth operation throughout the life cycle of an ESS system.

Energy Storage Centralization and Prefabrication

By centralizing and prefabricating the container system, Kehua has created a solution that enables the system to operate with high power density, smaller footprint, flexible installation, more convenient operation and maintenance, greater cost-effectiveness and effective reduction of LCOE.

The advantages of prefabricated construction are being fully utilized in the Ningxia project. According to the project manager: “We had a tight schedule and a heavy workload. We faced a COVID-19 lockdown during the construction work, but the energy storage system we used was prefabricated, which saved a lot of installation and commissioning work on site. As a result, we were able to complete the project on schedule. After the project was completed, the company received a letter of thanks from the customer.”


What’s more, the centralized 1500 V (“nuclear-grade”) 3.2 MW energy storage converter and liquid-cooled containerized energy storage with a capacity of 3.44 MWh (IP67) can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as wind, rain, high temperature, altitude and sand. While providing a safe, reliable and technically advanced installation for energy production and storage.

Kehua S3 energy storage innovations

Also noteworthy is the fact that the batteries used in the basic equipment use recirculating liquid cooling technology. Based on technological innovations such as intelligent temperature control, cluster-level management, insulation monitoring, and system-level fire protection, the batteries have an integrated cooling temperature control system and cluster-level management system. Multi-measurement and control systems and a third level of fire protection, all of which make data available in every operational process, make energy storage more stable and efficient, losses reduced and life cycle extended.

The Kehua S3 liquid-cooled energy storage system is gaining high recognition in the market due to its high degree of safety, reliability, and significant cost reduction while increasing efficiency.

Kehua is focused strictly on customer needs and will continuously introduce high-quality products and energy storage solutions. And through technological innovation and LCOE cost reduction, Kehua aims to develop tools that will significantly contribute to the marketization of large-scale energy storage.