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High Power HJT Solar Panel

Mysolar Gold 62oW

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Mysolar 120Cells Solar Panel 620W~640W Review

What do you need to know about MYSOLAR Solar Panel?

The heterojunction Mysolar solar panel GOLD series is one of the TOP Premium Modules on market. High Power between 620W and 640W with the best HJT Cells M12 technology. Impressive Power range of up to 620W with medium dimensions (2172X1303x35mm) represents a unique offer for residential, C&I, and solar farm projects. Best N-type cell technology ensure high production abilities and low degradation.

Advanced POE Encapsulant

The bifacial HJT module is prepared for lamination with the addition of two sheets of encapsulant. Mysolar HJT modules use POE encapsulation material which is vastly superior to ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) POE is high weather resistance, highly cross-linked, high transparency, and Low haze material with is perfect for bifacial solar modules.

The Best HJT Solar Panel with half-cut 120 cells?

Best materials used to produce Mysolar Solar Panels and 30 years of warranty ensure even 40% more energy compare to PERC standard modules. The production power losses in the first year at 1% and only 0.25% per year, resulting in a fantastic performance of the output capacity after 30 years (91,75%). This is why Mysolar wants to change the utility-scale market using bifacial high-performance HJT solar panels with a long warranty (30/30) and the best ROI index.

Key Features Of Mysolar HJT Panel 120 Cells

GOLD Series from Mysolar manufacturer is one of the Top achievements in the PV market. GOLD solar modules include all crucial technologies and achievements of the solar industry:

  • bifaciality above 90%
  • excellent temperature coefficient 0,26%
  • glass-glass frame
  • 1500V system voltage to reduce construction cost per watt in a big installation like solar farms
  • Super MBB Half-cut Cells
  • The special anti-reflective glass increases light transmission
  • N-type M12 Wafer 

Excellent power generation performance in low light irradiance and harsh environment (during the morning, night and cloudy days) production plus lowest degradation after 30 years. All of it summarizes extreme power production with 21.61 efficiencies.

Best Solar Panel Performance

GOLD Series 620W-640W HJT N-type, MBB HALF-CUT, BIFACIAL, DOUBLE GLASS MODULE with certified mechanical performance 5400Pa snow and 2400Pa wind loads.

Power in 120 HJT CELLS
Technology: Bifacial/Glass-Glass/Half-CUT
Long Performance and Product Warranty

Mysolar SOLAR PANEL 120 cells N-type Heterojunction

Details from Mysolar Data Sheet


30 Years: Product warranty on materials and workmanship

30 Years: Linear power output warranty

91,75% Power: After 30 years Mysolar still works with a highest power output


Electrical Parameter GOLD 620W-640W

Electrical Parameter STC (Standard Test Conditions) + Bifacial Power and Temperature Coefficient

Mechanical Parameters & Shipping Options

Important HJT Panel DATA

Bifaciality >90%, effective improves backside generation. Providing 10%-35% extra power from backside in different scenarios based on ALBEDO.

More about Bifaciality

Glass Glass photovoltaic panels are enclosed in a sealed glass frame cover. This makes the warranty of double glass modules the highest in the industry and amounts to 30 years. Degradation caused by the environment is much less, and in addition this kind of PV Panels have the highest resistance for dust, ammonia, sea salt and humidity.

More about double glass

HJT N-type silicon cells. Higher power and less degradation, thanks to the use of the latest photovoltaic panel production technologies. The lifetime and efficiency of photovoltaic modules increased to 30 years.

More info about N-Type

The reinforced number of energy discharge rails improves the operation of photovoltaic panels and the car, their degradation level. Reduction of current-voltage and lower shading of silicon in MBB technology.   

Solar panels made in Half-cut technology are characterized by greater durability, dividing the module in half. In addition, the shading of the individual halves does not cost the cost of the entire PV panel.

Solar Module passed rigorous hail test and withstands 5400Pa snow and 2400Pa wind loads. HJT technology gives LID-Free and PID-free effect resistance.

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