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Advance and innovate Manufacturer


HUASUN producer of HJT solar panels

HuaSun entered into the solar PV industry with product innovations and optimized power-cost ratio with record-breaking heteroJunction technologies.

HuaSun will be recognized as the world’s most valuable solar
technology company in HJT and its related technology. The ability to develop and innovate will turn into massive production and applications with HuaSun products, with the added value to our global partners, makes HuaSun becoming a leader in the HJT field.

HUASUN Technology

HJT technology is currently the best option to increase efficiency and power output to their highest levels in the solar industry. HJT combines the best qualities of crystalline silicon with those from amorphous silicon thin-film to produce a high-power hybrid cell that surpasses the performance of the industry’s current technology, PERC. Secondly, it is very low LCOEs (Levelized Cost of Energy) potentials for HJT-based PV system in the near future.

Innovative Solar Panel Manufacturer

HuaSun has the world-leading team in HJT solar cell R&D as well as manufacturing, with over 8 years of experience in HJT cell research and massive production to create a high-performance HJT solar module.
The company has applied collective knowledge to bring advanced smart manufacturing within an ISO 9001 certified facility, aiming to produce the most efficient, qualified, and cost-efficient HJT products to clients all over the world.

HuaSun Quality Solar Modules

The source of materials that HuaSuan choose are from reliable domestic and overseas partners, providing quality beyond the industry standards.

From the glass and the backsheet to the inside of HJT solar panels, everything of the material was picked carefully to produce the definitely best HJT solar panels, giving our customers the quality they deserve. That’s why HuaSuan HJT solar panels have the industry-leading performance warranty, which is the degradation at 99% at the first year, after 2nd year 0.37% annual degradation to year 30 from the beginning.

Overall HUASUN rating

Efficiency - measured by the efficiency of cells and entire modules - Awesome 99.5%
Production - use of double glass and half-cut - Hi tech productions lines with top equipment's 98
Profitability - price-quality ratio, very profitable solar panel- High Value For Money 95%
Mounting - Durable half-cut with glass-glass frame - Useful and easy to install solar panels 93%

Advantages of HuaSun Solar Panels

Most Advance HJT Manufacturer

MEET THE Himalaya Solar Panels

The Best Premium Solar Modules and CELLS in HJT technology. Himalaya Bifi Series have highest power production, with high efficiency cells M6 24,5%. Additional HuaSun ensures 15 years of product Warranty what is one of the best results in the photovoltaic market.

HuaSun HJT 144 Cells 450W-470W

Utility Match

HUASUN HJT 132 Cells 410W-430W


Anhui HuaSun HJT 156 Cells 485W-505W



Anhui HUASUN Solar CELLs

Heterojunction Solar Cell

High-Performance with N-type Wafers HS-9BB-M6 HJT Solar Cell is a superior and new high-performance generation of N-type wafers solar cell that generates energy from both sides.
Combines all the advantages of crystalline and thin-film solar technologies in a single hybrid structure. This provides one of the most effective cell passivations on the market for high levels of power and efficiency even in hot climates.

huasun solar cell manufacturer
Fron side of hjt solar cell
huasun solar cell producer
Back side of hjt solar cell

Best Solar Panel ?

HUASUN Solar Panel HJT


HUASUN Solar Panels Performance

As a most innovative and reliable supplier for the production of new energy, the HuaSun is producing Heterjunction N-type wafers solar cells and HJT high-efficiency solar panels.

Key Figures of Huasun

  1. 70+ Industry Top Talent and a high-level intelligent R&D team.
  2. 25.26% Cell Efficiency reach thanks to leading in market R&D. This is a world record for m6 size HJT solar cell, certified by German ISFH.
  3. 10 GW capacity in the next 5 years. 
  4. 30% efficiency for solar cells made with state of art technology HJT and Perovskite thins layers. 

The efficiency of the HuaSun solar cells is 24.5% and the efficiency solar panel HJT Himalaya series is 21.91%. When we add in addition double-sided heterojunction cells with high bifaciality at the level of 92%, we will achieve a perfect solar panel.

The super low-temperature coefficient in HuaSun modules is only 0.26% / ℃.

Own produced technologically advanced with n-type wafers  HJT Cells:

  • M2
  • M6
  • M10
  • G12/M12

plus half-cut technology and Multi BB 9 and MBB12.

A wide range of HJT modules gives the various options of use in:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • utility-scale
  • agriculture 
  • special like floating project

The Himalaya Bifi series with Half-Cut, Double Glass HuaSun Bifacial PV Panels, provides two standard size M6:

120 Cell 375W up to 395W


144 Cell 450W up to 470W

For special demand in the pipeline are the next two modules:

Bifacial HJT 132 Half Cell Solar Panel with power from 410W up to 420 W


Bifacial HJT 156 Half Cell PV Module with power from 485W-505W.

Construction of HUASUN solar panels

Huasun solar modules:
HS-B120DS Series  (HJT Mono 166x83mm) – (12BB) – (1755 × 1038 × 30) – (DS375W-DS395W)

HS-B144DS Series  (HJT Mono 166x83mm) – (12BB) – (2094× 1038 × 30) – (DS450W-DS470W)

HS-B156DS Series  (HJT Mono 166x83mm) – (12BB) – (2269 × 1038 × 30) – (DS375W-DS395W)

HS-B132DS Series  (HJT Mono 166x83mm) – (12BB) – (1925 × 1038 × 30) – (DS375W-DS395W)

Himalaya Series Advantages:

  • Fire class A
  • High Energy Yield even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Glass-Glass frame
  • Best anti-PID and LID protection
  • 30-year power guarantee
  • After 30-years outdoor work low power lost 
  • The bifacial module with high bifaciality >92%
  • 1500V DC maximum system voltage – excellent insulation and lower total cost of the PV system
  • Super 12MBB Half-cut solution
  • Extreme Power  Efficiency Solar Module up to 21.95%
Use of HuaSun solar panels in business installations

The perfect choice for reliable and high-power commercial installation on the roof or on the ground. Perfect match with all inverters on market especially Kehua Tech, SolarEdge, Growatt or SMA. Glass-glass construction combines with fire protection class A, gives the best-in-market anti-fire solution. Bifiaciality index up to 92% on ground installation can produce up to 35% more power. Special abilities of HJT cell let Himalaya HuaSun Panel work in low light, like cities pollutions, ensuring maximum production. 

Solar Panels for Utility-Scale Project

HuaSun have a perfect long term ROI index thanks to:

  • long warranty
  • high quality 
  • glass-glass construction
  • HJT bifacial cells
  • highest Energy Yield
  • very low-temperature coefficient 
  • High Tempered Glass with 93.8% light transmittance
  • POE Encapsulation

Technology in HuaSun HJT Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels made in Bifacial technology produce up to 30% more energy. The PV module also produces energy from below using ALBEDO. The HUASUN thin layer HJT cell bifacial coefficient is one of the highest in the industry and amounts to as much as 92%.

Solar panels made in Half-cut technology are characterized by greater durability, dividing the module in half. In addition, the shading of the individual halves does not cost the cost of the entire PV panel.

The reinforced number of energy discharge rails improves the operation of photovoltaic panels and the car, their degradation level. Reduction of current-voltage and lower shading of silicon in MBB technology. HuasSun solar modules have SuperMBB (12BB) solutions.

Glass Glass photovoltaic panels are enclosed in a sealed glass frame cover. This makes the warranty of double glass modules the highest in the industry and amounts to 30 years. Degradation caused by the environment is much less, and in addition this kind of PV Panels have the highest resistance for dust, ammonia, sea salt and humidity.

HuaSun solar panels have a snow resistance of up to 5400Pa and a wind resistance of 2400Pa. Resistant to salt spray, ammonia and fire Class A, thanks to double-glass construction.

Characterized by a low-temperature coefficient, it allows you to produce over 30% more energy on hot days. Low degradation and excellent performance in low light e.g. morning, evening and cloudy days.

HJT N-type silicon cells. Higher power and less degradation, thanks to the use of the latest photovoltaic panel production technologies. The lifetime and efficiency of photovoltaic modules increased to 30 years.


ANHUI Huasun company certification
ISFH solar cell certification huasun
HJT bifacial solar panel

HUASUN Solutions

Easy to install solar panels

State-of-the-art solar module construction helps as well easy and safe install HuaSun Himalaya Bifi Series. 30mm glass-glass frame plus standards module size gives various installation options for any EPC and solar farms projects company.

HS-B120DS 375W-395W Himalaya Bifi Series

HS-B144DS 450W-470W Himalaya Bifi Series

HS-B132DS 410W-430W Himalaya Bifi Series

HS-B156DS 485W-505W Himalaya Bifi Series

World Record Efficiency M6 HJT Solar CELL

Certified by German Fraunhofer Institute best world efficiency of heterojunction solar cell 25.26%.

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