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Heterojunction Technology

HJT SOLar Panels Sales

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HJT Technology and Heterojunction Panel Sales

Our team can help You know better heterojunction technology and purchase correct solar panels. 

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Purchase day or night

We work remotely during European and Chinese working hours. Our team can help with:
– order and buy directly from the PV factory
– choose the size of the solar panels
– recommendation for power and special abilities (e.g. bifacial) for a strict PV project
– shipping, custom duties, taxes etc.

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Direct Deals

The right cooperation for you

We are a photovoltaic broker connecting HJT technology providers, with customers looking for high-tech solar modules with the best market parameters.

Pv broker helps increase awareness advantage of heterjunction technology and provide best solutions for solar panel market in Europe.

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inspiring technology

Best Solutions for Solar Investment

Thin-layer PV technology is the most promising alternative in the solar panel industry, compare to PERC. Heterojunction panels and solar cells are most in bifacial and glass-glass configuration, so they are more powerful and fewer degradation.

N-type technology is the next-generation future solution for the sun energy world.

What We offer

Technology Advantage

The most important technology features make HJT solar modules the best in every aspect: durability, performance, and anti-degradation protection. This is the answer to what technology is the best for solar panel installation. The best HJT solar panel sales offer.



Mysolar HJT 700w solar farm
HJT innvate solar park project

state-of-the-art Solar Solution

redefine your SOlar Panels

Direct HJT solar panel sales offer and quantity and quotation.

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Solar Power

Best Solar Performance with HJT technology. Heterojunction solar modules produce even 30% more power than standard panels. More than 25% cell efficiencies and 23,17% of solar panels.

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LOW Degradation

HJT Panel have the lowest degradation only 0,25% yearly and the best resistance to most common fail e.g. Hot spot, LID & PID. Best solutions for solar plant.

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TOP Construction

Bifacial, glass-glass production technology with Half-CUT or Shingled cells solution. 30 years performance warranty and 30 years product warranty.

Best Heterojunction Producers with Best Direct Prices

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TOP 3 HJT Solar Panel Recommendation


Mysolar GOLD Series 690-710W
$$ 1
  • Bifacial
  • Power 700-720W
  • Product Warranty 30 Years
  • Linear Power Warranty 30 Years


CHASER-M12/132P 680-700W
$ 2
  • Bifacial
  • Glass-Glass
  • Power 680-700W
  • Product Warranty 12 Years
  • Linear Power Warranty 30 Years


SIEGER RSM120 Sieger Series
$$$ 3
  • Bifacial
  • Glass-Glass
  • Power 335-355W
  • Product Warranty 12 Years
  • Linear Power Warranty 30 Years
TOP Producer

Explore the Experts

Best HJT Producers Review

Information, HJT producers reviews and solar panel tests companies who produced the most advanced solar panels made in heterojunction tech. Only trusted and reliable brands with the best solutions for solar farm utility-scale, commercials installations and residential individual projects. Dedicate HJT solar panel sales offer for each customer. 

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Heterojunction photovoltaic technology has a long history. After many years of study and research all over the world, this kind of solar panel attends to be the best choice. Panels include N-type solar cells, double glass cover, best bifiaciality factor and albedo abilities.

More about HJT

Value for money is the best explanation of the price for this kind of solar panel. This technology ensures 30 years of highest energy production, best performance even with the tough environment and thanks glass-glass frame high anti-fire protection.

HJT Prices

Best solar cells producers are Jinergy, Akcome, Risen or Huasun. Our team helps chose the best solutions for every need.

More about Manufactures

We are broker who connects Customers with Producers directly. It guarantees the best price, shortest delivery time and customer service. Our knowledge helps us choose to dedicate offers to each installation.

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The most powerful heterojunction solar panel is Mysolar 710W, half-cut bifacial module. This module PV is dedicate to utility scale investment like solar park and big installation C&I.

PERC is a technology that is good but belongs to past-generation solar modules. A new generation of solar modules is HJT and TopCON represented by AKCOME, Jinergy, Risen and Jolywood. N-type cells connect to glass-glass and bifacial abilities, giving perfect solar panels.

Check more about panels

This innovative Idea to combine to kind of Silicon was developed by SANYO with the name “HIT” (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer technology). HJT technology combines the best advantage of crystalline silicon N-Type and thin-film giving:

  • cell efficiency >24% and solar panel >22%
  • the lowest temperature coefficient -0,24%
  • very low annual degradation rate 0,4%
  • NO LID&PID effects
    the highest bifacial 95%

The best HJT solar cell efficiency is between 24-26%. These manufacturers can provide it :

  • Jinergy
  • Huasun

More about producers

Heterojunction technology ensures a long safe warranty for 30 years of production and 12 -20 years for a panel, depends on the producers. It’s more approx. 5 years than common PERC panels.

The longest warranty for solar Panel is:

  • 30 years for product 
  • 30 years for production

This parameters has Mysolar Premium solar panel manufacturer.