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Kehua 250kW solar inverter for a solar farm

Table of Contents

best Inverter for solar farm ?
best Inverter for solar farm ?
Review of the Pros and cons of Kehua 250kw solar inverter. Advantages of using HJT solar panels and Kehua Tech solutions for utility-scale.
250kw solar inverter for utility scale

Discover the Kehua 250kW Intelligent String Inverter

Kehua Tech is a producer of business solutions for photovoltaics, energy storage and data centers. After successes in China, the USA and India, it was Poland that became the key market for Kehua. The presence of this global company in Poland consists mainly of photovoltaic installations for companies, farmers and photovoltaic farms. And the flagship solution is a 250kW inverter.

Thanks to the combination of advanced technology from data centers in which artificial intelligence is the leader and industrial solutions of the nuclear class, an inverter with a power of 250 kW were created. The Kehua SPI 250k inverter is probably the most modern and reliable inverter of this type in the world. It is ideal for photovoltaic farms with nominal power from 1mW to even 100mW, divided into photovoltaic blocks.

Why Kehua SPI Inverter 250K?

The reliability of the 250kW inverter is confirmed by the applied solutions such as:

  • IP66 and key components such as IP68 cooling
  • AFCI with active intelligent arc detection
  • Industry’s first self-extinguishing fire protection system
  • Corrosion class C5
  • Resistance to salt mist and operation in conditions of high humidity
  • Best Match with N-type Panels like Jolywood, AKCOME, Jinergy and Risen
hjt bifacial modules and 250kw string inverter

Compatibility with Bifacial modules and high power above 400W - 250KW Inverter

Each string max 15A / DC Input Power 1500V / High DC-AC ratio

kehua &hjt bifacial modules

Efficiency and reliability 250KW inverter

24 inputs / 12MPPT / 99% Efficiency / PID resistance + repair / SCR <1.5 Poor network performance

Support for MV and LV networks 250KW Inverter

Night SVG function / PLCC, Wide bandwidth operation and strong anti-interference /reduce response time by 80%

Savings using a 250kW inverter

Compared to inverters smaller than or equal to 100kW, savings can be up to 50%. Why can you save so much money by using a Kehua 250k inverter?

The answer is simple, in the case of a 1mW solar farm, 10 pcs 100kW inverters or 20 pcs 50kW inverters should be used as standard. However, in the case of an inverter, 250kW is four units. It is estimated that on one megawatt the savings on the cost of the inverter alone is up to 60,000 $.

Overall, the costs of BOS and LCOLE decrease with each additional mW of the size of a solar plant. Thanks to this, even the largest projects, e.g. 100mW, can be made using 250kW inverters.

Additionally, the advantage of Kehua inverters is the adaptation and support for 300mm2 albumin cables. Which generates significant savings compared to copper cables. In this case, however, attention should be paid to the periodic inspections of photovoltaic farms in terms of aluminum oxidation. Energia Pomorze in the EPC model carries out the management and servicing of large photovoltaic projects.

Another saving is guaranteed by the Kehua SPI 250k thanks to the support of Y-connectors, which allow for savings on DC cables.

How HJT Technology increase ROI in Solar Farms?

When You add Kehua 250k abilities to HJT panels which are one of the more powerful modules on market with a long warranty and perfect resistance to the main effect like hotspot, PID&LID and shading. The results show that HJT and KEHUA are the best solutions for utility-scale PV investments,

kehua&bifacial solar panels

Bifacial Modules Double Savings in an Inventory of 250KW

By using Bifacial photovoltaic modules, which are usually additionally made in Glass Glass technology, it generates up to 20% more power. At the same price, an investor in a solar farm receives an additional value. The degradation of double-glass modules is always lower than that of standard PV modules, made in the back sheet technology. Therefore, the modern design of Kehua 250 kW supports all bifacial panels available on the market.

MPPT trackers versus savings and efficiency in Solar Inverter 250KW

When supporting high-power modules (> 400W) and bifacial photovoltaic panels, the current strength on individual strings and the entire MPPT optimizer should be taken into account. KEHUA solved the problem of high voltage and current by increasing the MPPT number of trackers to 12 and the number of strings to 24. And thanks to the current of 30 A, it is possible to optimally design large-power photovoltaic installations without fear of exceeding the permissible short-circuit current of photovoltaic modules.

Safety of the KEHUA 250k Inverter and AFCI on PV farms

Detection of electric arcs is the most modern solution for business and investment projects such as solar farms. If a DC cable is broken, the dangerous phenomenon of a DC electric arc is created. High temperature accompanying this phenomenon may cause a fire hazard and damage the entire investment. The answer from the Kehua 250kW Inverter is an artificial intelligence-based arc detection and interruption system. Within a few ms, the inverter detects the electric arc via the AFCI function and interrupts it. It also transmits remote information about the occurrence of this phenomenon and an immediate need for service, which is guaranteed by Energia Pomorze. Kehua additionally supports bifacial double-glass modules, so that apart from AFCI, the glass in the back of the module provides protection against fire.

safe solar inverter kehua 250kw

When an arcing occurs, AFCI analyzes the characteristics of the event and determines whether it is a hazardous event. AFCI manufacturers test hundreds of possible operating conditions and then program their equipment to continuously monitor normal and hazardous arc conditions.

Against Fire System for Photovoltaic Farm

The fire protection solution used in the 250kW Inverter makes the inverter react automatically when a short circuit occurs and a fire occurs. This ensures the highest level of security and reliability characteristic of all KEHUA products.

kehua anti-fire protection

DC and AC KEHUA Energy Storage

Thanks to Kehua’s comprehensive approach and production capabilities, business customers get a ready-made solution for large-capacity energy banks. The 250kW inverter is compatible with all types of power banks, whether DC or AC. This solution makes the Kehua inverter suitable for investments where the power of the photovoltaic installation is provided only for own needs and the surplus energy is stored in batteries. This is related, for example, to the lack of connection capacity in the investment location and requires very precise planning and control of the installation. In a DC / DC current production and storage solution, the Kehua250k inverter reduces costs and improves the operation of the entire ESS system.

In addition, Kehua SPI 250k inverters have the ability to participate in auxiliary services on the grid side, such as:

1. P / F Basic frequency control
2. Q / V Primary voltage regulation
3. SPF Dynamic power factor control
4. PF Steady-state power factor control
5. SVG night
6. Constant power regulation
7. Compensation of reactive power

energy storage systems KEHUA

The best-made 250KW Inverter for Solar Farms?

Kehua 250 kW is not only about advanced technology inside the device and fire protection systems. The Kehua inverter is also characterized by the highest quality workmanship, thanks to which it can be used in the most demanding working conditions. The main features of perfect execution are:

– Standard IP 66 and the most important elements such as the IP68 cooling system

– The highest corrosion resistance class C5, allowing for operation in the industrial and marine environment

– The applied sealants and silicone rubber sealing ring use the latest technologies used in the industry

– Aluminum alloy housing guarantees long operation in all conditions

– Perfect Match with high power Heterpjunction and N-Type panels

The technologies for processing the casing and design protection of the 250kW inverter are the result of Kehua Tech’s experience in the construction of a nuclear power plant and traditional power plants as well as those based on renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants and solar power plants.

n-type bifacial panels

Optimizing the Energy Production of a Photovoltaic Farm

The 250kW inverter, in addition to its excellent workmanship, also has a lot to offer in terms of optimizing energy production in large photovoltaic investments. Kehua Tech is characterized by the latest HIGH Tech AI solutions such as:

  1. Scanning I-V curves of each string and real-time optimization of energy production, which allows you to avoid PV plant losses by up to 60%
  2. A continuous record of faults is convenient to analyze their causes, allowing them to be located quickly and saving 80% of the time
  3. – Smart and stable operations reduce LCOE by 1%
  4. The use of anti-PID solutions additionally supports the protection of the installation against degradation by the induced voltage
  5. The use of PLC + communication allows for the most modern transmission of information and at the same time savings due to the lack of additional RS 485 cables
  6. Production of Data Centers allows Kehua to use the best technologies for remote information transmission in accordance with 5G standards
  7. Importantly, Kehua 250KW inverters support ModBus protocols and are compatible with SCADA systems for managing solar farms and high-power solar power plants

Summary – is it worth choosing Kehua Tech?

The Kehua Spi 250k inverter is the perfect solution for solar farms. This 250kW inverter saves time, money and guarantees a quality unavailable to other leading producers in the PV industry. The use of nuclear class standards makes it unquestionably one of the best designed and made devices on the scale of the entire photovoltaic market.

We can achieve the best solutions for commercial photovoltaic investments and utility-scale when we add to this advantage HJT solar panels(AKCOME, Jinergy or Risen) abilities. 

bifacial solar panel
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