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RISEN producer of HJT solar panels

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 and listed as a Chinese public company (Stock Code: 300118) in 2010.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems, photovoltaic independent power supply systems, solar cells, modules, etc.

Risen Energy has established offices and branches around the world and established a global sales network,  aiming to provide green new energy to the world. After years of hard work, Risen Energy’s module production capacity has now reached 14.1GW. In the process of rapid development, Risen Energy will move forward steadily. HJT solar panels open new are of technology productions module and heterojunction solar cells.

Development Goals

The company will adhere to the business philosophy of:

  • thinking for progress,
  • thinking about development,
  • innovation and entrepreneurship

to create first-class solutions like HJT solar.

Based on the quality policy and research and development efforts, committed to the production of high-efficiency heterojunction cells and modules, to meet the growing needs of domestic and foreign markets.  Risen Energy is a leading international manufacturer of photovoltaic terminal applications.

Risen solar panels performance

The RISEN ENERGY company focuses on high-quality and high-tec solutions like HJT & TopCon technologies. Due to the choice of HJT (heterojunction), which combines the best qualities of crystalline silicon with amorphous thin-film silicon, the efficiency of Risen solar panels is very high. On SNEC 2021 RISEN shows the world the NewT@N panel, which is the first mass-produced module with a power rating of up to 700W. 

Record power plus first combined HJT and TopCon in one product, make this RISEN N-Type solar panel one of the most innovative solutions for utility-scale investitions.

The high efficiency of RISEN ENERGY modules is also influenced by the use of Bifacial technology, no LID effect and no PID effect in the Sieger series – RSM120-6-335W-355W BHDG.

“RISEN highly recommended Clients who looking biggest manufacturer in PV market”

Overall RISEN rating

Efficiency - measured by the efficiency of cells and entire modules - 92%
Construction- use of double glass and half-cut - Solid & Reliable 98%
Profitability - price-quality ratio, very profitable solar panel- Value For Money 92%
Mounting - Durable half-cut, glass-glass frame & Bifacial - solid and easy to install solar panels 96%

Advantages of Risen HJT Solar Panels

Risen Energy Company Profile

Best in Class TopCON AND HJT

MEET THE Solar Panels

RISEN HJT Sieger 120 Cells 335-355W


Risen N-type 132 Cells NewT@N 700W



Solution For Utility

Risen roof solar Installation
Solar commercial 980kW
Utility Scale Solar Farm 20mW
Utility-Scale ground Solar Installation
solar plant 2,14mw Installation Risen
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How to Chose Best HJT Solar Panel ?


HJT High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Panels

Risen Sieger RSM120 POWER: 335 ~ 355W

Risen NewT@N RSM132 POWER: 680 ~ 700W

Sieger series double-sided (BIfacial) HJT (n-type) module with very high efficiency of solar panel, up to 21%. The Risen module has excellent low light performance, low-temperature coefficient, and very low degradation. Due to the possibility of a rare side generation of energy, the bifacial module provides a power increase of 10% -35% in diverse environments and an overall power increase of 44% compared to conventional photovoltaic modules.

NewT@N Risen PV panel series has extraordinary Maximum Efficiency on level 22,5%. Tremendous solar power up to 700W, dedicated for utility-scale investitions like solar farms and solar plants. First mass production Combination of N-type TopCon technology and heterojunction solution, decrease degradation and increase productions of energy.

HJT Solar Panel Functions
  • Bifaciality> 85% efficiency and improved rear power generation.
  • Excellent temperature coefficient and low light performance, plus extremely low degradation.
  • MBB and half-cut design reduces shadow effects, improves module reliability, and reduces power production losses.
  • 44% more energy than ordinary solar modules.
  • Compatible with 1500V systems for higher efficiency and lower costs for large investments such as solar farms.
  • Modern technology based on N-Type technology cells
  • Combination TopCon and HJT technology
  • Severe salt mist, ammonia & blown sand resistance
Construction of RISEN panels

As a producer of photovoltaic modules, Risen is in the top 5 best and biggest manufacturer globally. The quality of production is also confirmed by a 30-year warranty against linear power loss in the HJT Sieger series. This ensures that investments to photovoltaic with Risen have long time prediction energy yield.  The TopCon and HJT technology is characterized by the absence of the LID effect and the PID effect, thanks to which the degradation of PV modules is kept to a minimum. The use of glass on both sides makes the panels resistant to salt spray, ammonia and fire. Bloomberg  TIER I ranking plus 14 GW production capacity, confirms the financial stability of this manufacturer.

The HJT panel production process also has an impact on efficiency thanks to:

  • 4 major components in the production cycle versus 7-8 PERC
  • lower welding temperature in production
  • the latest technology for cutting silicon cells
  • the average efficiency of HJT silicon 24%
Profitability of Risen Energy panels

LCOE and BOS costs are crucially for solar farms and solar power plants. Risen 700W solar panel increase efficiency and power production. Hjt technology and HJT Risen modules have abilities like :

  1.  1500V work Current
  2. possibility of quick assembly in every plane
  3. working effectively in low light
  4. high power values up to 700W
  5. resistance to weather conditions
  6. lower service costs
  7. thanks to high efficiency and reduced degradation (especially the Risen HJT series)
  8. bifaciality, allowing for a smaller area to increase the power generated by the photovoltaic farm

The power of heterojunction technology and TopCon tech., predisposes Risen Energy photovoltaic panels to be used in a photovoltaic farm.

Risen Energy – photovoltaic panels in business installations

Every business, commercial and utility-scale solar installation is oriented to ROI. Each aspect like:

  • long warranty
  • high power 
  • less labor cost
  • bifacial production
  • environment friendly 
  • less service issue

is very important for investors. Modules RSM120 BHDG HJT and RSM132 N-type are dedicated to big PV installations. 

Risen solar modules with a inverters like SolarEdge or Kehua will be best installation estimate for long time period. One of the highest experience and knowledge in photovoltaic branch with high-performance, bfiaciality, zero LID and zero PID modules, gives reliable investment in solar energy.

HJT Solar Panels for Farmers and Breeders

Thanks to certifications to withstand severe environmental condition like:

  • farms and poultry,
  • pig, cattle, and pond owners,
  • coastline 
  • mountain area
  • BIPV 

Risen photovoltaic installation is cost-effective and durable.

HJT RISEN provides resistance to salt spray, ammonia and increased resistance to moisture, so is dedicate choice for every environment. This makes the HJT panel a perfect solution for photovoltaics in farms.

Technology in RISEN HJT Solar Panels

Photovoltaic panels made in Bifacial technology produce up to 35% more energy. The PV module also produces energy from below using ALBEDO. The Risen silicon cell bifacial coefficient is one of the highest in the industry and amounts to as much as 85%.

Solar panels made in Half-cut technology are characterized by greater durability, dividing the module in half. In addition, the shading of the individual halves does not cost the cost of the entire PV panel.

The reinforced number of energy discharge rails improves the operation of photovoltaic panels and the car, their degradation level. Reduction of current-voltage and lower shading of silicon in MBB technology. Risen solar modules have MBB solutions.

Glass Glass photovoltaic panels are enclosed in a sealed glass frame cover. This makes the warranty of double glass modules the highest in the industry and amounts to 30 years. Degradation caused by the environment is much less, and in addition this kind of PV Panels have the highest resistance for dust, ammonia, sea salt and humidity.

Risen Energy solar panels have a snow resistance of up to 5400Pa and a wind resistance of 2400Pa. Resistant to salt spray, ammonia and fire Class A, thanks to double-glass construction.

Characterized by a low-temperature coefficient, it allows you to produce over 30% more energy on hot days. Low degradation and excellent performance in low light e.g. morning, evening and cloudy days.

HJT N-type silicon cells. Higher power and less degradation, thanks to the use of the latest photovoltaic panel production technologies. The lifetime and efficiency of photovoltaic modules increased to 30 years.


HJT Risen module
HJT risen datasheet
newt@n risen datasheet

Risen Solutions

Easy to install solar panels

The newest Risen product series “sieger” with high-performance HJT modules are enclosed in 30mm frames with dimensions that fit all available assembly systems. The size of the cells, half-cut technology, and two-sided production make it easy and quick for an efficient assembly team to make a photovoltaic investment. Module Imp binning radically reduces string mismatch losses and dual-stage 100% El Inspection warranting defect-free product.

The HJT panel is also the greater strength of silicon, which reduces the likelihood of later service costs and the replacement of photovoltaic panels.

RSM120 BHDG cells & power 335W-355W Sieger series

RSM132 N-type cells & power 680W-700W NewT@N series

Profitability of Risen panels

The profitability of investments in Risen solar panels is at a high level. High-quality workmanship and modern technologies used in the modules of this manufacturer will ensure that:

The return on investment is guaranteed for 30 years, which is 5 years longer than the panels with a 25-year warranty.

The price of the Risen HJT Panel (RSM120 BHDG), is a little bit higher at the beginning, but after 30 years without common failures, is worth it.

The cost of Risen NewT@N N-type (RSM132 ) dopped with Gall is a good alternative compare to HJT advantages.

The use of Bifacial Modules allows to reduce assembly costs and increase production by up to 30%.

Double-glass modules make the operation of the installation with their use more effective, the degradation is kept to a minimum.

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