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High Power HJT Solar Panel


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Solar Panel SK8610HDGDC Review

What do you need to know about this Solar Panel?

This HJT AKCOME solar panel is from the flagship series HI-Chaser. Represent best construction solutions and efficiency of HJT technology. Power range 375W-395W and small size(1791x1048x30mm) cause is more dedicated to residential and small commercial projects. Best N-type Cell technology.

What distinguishes the model of the HiChaser 120 AKCOME modules?

Extended service life compared to the competition and a guarantee of power. This gives as much as 30 years of warranty and greater production in the range of 10% -30% compared to conventional technologies. The production power losses are a maximum of 2% in the first year and only 0.25% per year, resulting in a fantastic performance of 90.4% of the output capacity after 30 years. This is especially important in high-power business installations and solar farms

Main Key Features About Hi-Chaser 120 Cells

One of the best HJT Solar modules with bifacial & half-cut cells in a double glass frame. The bifacial HJT module is of high light transmittance to ensure good performance, an advanced solution that enables more energy generation, light capturing, and elegant appearance.

Best Solar Performance


Power in 120 HJT CELLS
Technology: Bifacial/Glass-Glass/Half-CUT
Long Performance and Product Warranty

AKCOME SOLAR PANEL 120 cells N-type

hi-chaser akcome hjt module
Details from SK8610HDGDC Data Sheet


25 Years : Product warranty on materials and workmanship

30 Years: Linear power output warranty

akcome optronics solar module hjt

Electrical Parameter Hi-Chaser 120

Electrical Parameter STC (Standard Test Conditions)

hjt solar panel temperature coefficient

Temperature Coefficient & Mechanical Parameters HJT Solar Panel

Operating Condition heterojunction PV Module & Package Information

I-V Curves Hi-Chaser HJT solar module

Important HJT Panel Issue

Photovoltaic panels made in Bifacial technology produce up to 35% more energy. The PV module also produces energy from below using ALBEDO. The AKCOME silicon cell bifacial coefficient is one of the highest in the industry and amounts to as much as 95%.

Glass Glass photovoltaic panels are enclosed in a sealed glass frame cover. This makes the warranty of double glass modules the highest in the industry and amounts to 30 years. Degradation caused by the environment is much less, and in addition this kind of PV Panels have the highest resistance for dust, ammonia, sea salt and humidity.

HJT N-type silicon cells. Higher power and less degradation, thanks to the use of the latest photovoltaic panel production technologies. The lifetime and efficiency of photovoltaic modules increased to 30 years.

The reinforced number of energy discharge rails improves the operation of photovoltaic panels and the car, their degradation level. Reduction of current-voltage and lower shading of silicon in MBB technology. AKCOME solar modules have MBB and 9BB to 12BB solutions.

Solar panels made in Half-cut technology are characterized by greater durability, dividing the module in half. In addition, the shading of the individual halves does not cost the cost of the entire PV panel.

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