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Best PV CELLS - HJT Technology?

How To Choose Best HJT Solar CELL?

HJT (Heterojunction) technology is a superior solar cell that generates energy from both sides. This bi-facial cell combines the advantages of N-type crystalline silicon (c-Si) with the excellent absorption and passivation characteristics of amorphous silicon (a-Si: H).

The N-type c-Si makes HJT cells immune to (LID) while the TCO coating protects the cell from (PID) on both sides of the cell. As a result, HJT cells generate a higher energy yield while exhibiting a lower temperature coefficient than conventional solar cells.

25.5% max. Cell Efficiency

The latest solar cell technology breakthrough is the HJT solar cell, known for its high- efficiency and excellent power output, which surpasses that of the next-generation solar cell solutions.

high Performance N-Type Wafers

HJT solar cells employ N-type silicon wafers that are devoid of boron-oxygen bonds. This feature mitigates the occurrence of LID, which results in enhanced endurance and durability of the solar cells.

HJT Solar CELL Advantage - LPV HJT

Huasun HJT solar cell

Up to 5.62W Power

The utilization of HJT solar cells presents numerous advantages due to its high efficiency and stability. Incorporation of HJT technology into solar cell design has been observed to result in bifacial rates exceeding 95%.

Leading temperature co-efficient

HJT solar cells have a lower temperature coefficient (-0.26%/°C), which ensures more stable power output at high temperatures and high irradiation areas.

HJT Solar Cell Review

Heterojunction CELLS Ranking

Heterojunction (HJT) solar panels are a promising technological development in the solar energy industry. HJT solar cells are able to combine the benefits of crystalline silicon and film silicon technology. This results in exceptional light absorption and passivation effects.

Compared to traditional Passivated Emitter and Rear Contacts (PERC) technology, HJT solar cells have shown to be superior in terms of efficiency and performance. The HJT solar cell technology has been identified as a leading battery technology, offering significant improvements in conversion rate and power output.

HJT solar panels also exhibit a bifacial structure, effectively improving the backside power output of module products and increasing power generation income. The low-temperature coefficient helps maintain stable power output performance even in high-temperature environments. Furthermore, the exceptional power output capacity under weak light conditions extends the duration of power generation and further advances overall power generation income.

Ultra-High Conversion Efficiency of Heterojunction Solar Cells

Heterojunction (HJT) solar cells exhibit excellent performance due to the use of intrinsic amorphous silicon thin films as passivation materials. These thin films minimize the loss of minority carriers’ lifetime within the contact area, leading to a substantial increase in the open circuit voltage to 750mV. As a result, HJT solar cells can achieve a power conversion efficiency of up to 25% initially. By implementing double-sided microcrystalline, the doping efficiency and transmittance of the thin films are further enhanced, which contributes to a significant improvement in current density and an overall increase in the cells’ conversion efficiency by more than 25.2%. Consequently, HJT solar cell modules can deliver a power output of 710W+. These findings demonstrate the potential for HJT technology to improve the efficiency and performance of solar energy systems.

HJT Advantage for utility-scale projects?

Big investments project like solar farms and utility-scale solar power plants, need to generate profit and have a high ROI. 

HJT technology compares to PERC ensures:

1. Greater performance potential and energy yield.

2. Better Bifacial Index, HJT solar module/cells offer more than 92% on the rare side.

3. HJT Cell takes advantage of this by building solar cell in three different layers of PV materials. The middle layer of N-type mono silicon completes most of the work of converting sunlight into electricity.

4.Lower temperature coefficient, low light performance (better high temperature performance).

Overall Decision Factor

Efficiency of solar Cell is key factor. HJT technology has best serial producing efficiency on average level 25.5%
Leading Co-Efficient -0.26%/C
Bifaciality Index especially in hJT is on top level > 95%
Modern G12 cell size ensure long time Durability
High Power HJT Solar Cell up to 5.62W
N-Type Heterojunction Solutions, ensure best Performance and no failures
15BB and 18BB and MBB construction solution for better performance
Current(Isc) 0.055% and Voltage(Voc) -0.27%

Feature of a good PV Modules&Cell?

HJT efficiency can achieve even 27%. But usually producers like HuaSun or Jinergy use Heterojunction solar cells with 24%-24,5% efficiency. Compare to PERC Cell, HJT can achieve even 20% more power.

HJT solar panels have the best efficiency in serial production. Scope of it is between 21%-22,5% with R&D plan even to 26%. HJT module has the best performance and most reliable characteristic resistance for most common fail from all over solar technology.

HJT solar Panels with 120 cells have a scope of power between 370W-390W and for 144 cells 425W – 470W. At the end of 2021 Power of HJT modules will achieve >500W and in soon future will be >600W.

HJT technology ensures a long safe warranty for 30 years of production and 12 -25 years for a panel, depends on the producers. It’s more approx. 5 years than common PERC panels.

Best in Class Solar Panels

BEST HJT Solar Panels

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HJT Producers Review

Best solar cells and solar modules producers. Heterojunction globally leaders with a wide spectrum of power and dimension for utility-scale projects, solar farms, commercial and residential.


Meyer Burger considers high product standards and sustainable development to be its top priorities. The main technology that Meyer Burger uses to manufacture solar modules is HJT and the unique SmartWire connection technology.


The manufacturer Hevel is a leader due to the power of installed photovoltaic installations in Russia. The company has 33 solar farms with a total capacity of about 737 MW. Hevel producing HJT solar panels and BIPV solutions.

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MYSOLAR Solar Panel

HJT 710 W N-type Technology
  • Bifacial
  • Glass-Glass
  • Half-cut
  • >91,75% Power After 30 Years
  • Additional Insurance Dedicated For EPC & Investors
  • 30/30 years warranty
Most powerful HJT solar panel mysolar

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MYSOLAR production abilities count in GW helps ensure long-term cooperation with any Client who needs the best HJT solar cell.

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Technical Background about HJT Cell manufacturing and Client Final Product with best HJT Modules abilities.

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TIER I Partner on solar cell Clients list gives necessary experience to build dedicated cooperation model for Europe Solar Producers.