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China's first 100MW Liquid-cooled Energy Storage project - Kehua's benchmark investment

On September 27, China Nuclear Ziyun (a subsidiary of CNNC) energy storage power station phase Ⅱ was successfully connected to the grid, marking the completion and operation of the largest independent shared energy storage power station in Guizhou. The project is in Maoying Town, Ziyun Miao and Buyei Autonomous County, Anshun, Guizhou, China. 

Liquid cooling ESS

Highly Reliable S³ EStation Liquid-Cooling ESS Ensures Safe Operation of the Power Station

The total capacity of the power station is 200MW/400MW, with full adoption of Kehua S³ EStation liquid-cooling ESS solution that features high safety and low LCOE. Integrating the standard 280Ah energy storage cells, the system is designed as a 20-foot standard container (3.44 MWh/container), perfectly matching the 3.45 MW containerized energy storage and transformer turnkey system (AC-side) developed by Kehua, thus avoiding the waste of resources and investment due to the oversized capacity.

Furthermore, Kehua S³ EStation liquid-cooling ESS incorporates power electronics and digital technology to achieve the following advantages:

System Design – Through component modularization and product standardization, Kehua S³ EStation provides upgraded availability and usability with simplified installation and O&M processes, guaranteeing a shorter construction cycle and lower overall costs.

System Application – Adopting intelligent temperature control and intelligent 3D cloud diagram, Kehua S³ EStation has extended battery life, shorter O&M time, and greater overall system operation efficiency.

System Safety – The combination of third-level fire protection, third-level explosion protection and multi-layer insulation ensures a safer, highly reliable and stable power station.

Super Power Bank Charges Homes up during Peak Hours

Overlooking the site, the project consisting of 118 battery containers, 60 sets of containerized energy storage and transformer turnkey systems and a step-up substation sits neatly on the mountains like a giant power bank. It can charge/discharge 380,000 kWh at maximum power. According to calculations, the power station can satisfy the electricity demand of nearly 50,000 residents during peak hours.

Customer First: Quality Project with Record Delivery Speed

The first phase of the two-phase project commenced in March this year and began to operate on July 19. The second phase had a tight supply schedule and limited construction time. Faced with challenges such as high temperatures and a rainy season, Kehua team prioritized customer needs and worked closely with all related parties to meet the timeline. From delivering energy storage systems, commissioning, GRID connection to project operation, Kehua only used 40 days—a record speed for a hundred-megawatt large-scale energy storage power station.


It is understood that after over two months of safe operation of Phase Ⅰ, the power station is currently in optimal operating state and ready to provide peak-shaving service, demonstrating the strong product and service capability of Kehua.

In the future, Kehua will stay dedicated to its goal of creating value for customers worldwide by providing quality products and services, promoting the innovation and application of energy storage technology, and designing solutions for more application scenarios.