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Hybrid inverter – when is worth it?

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Huasun HJT solar cell
Huasun HJT solar cell
What is 12 BB Technology? What are Bus Bars for? Advantages of 12 BB technology. Sales and distribution of PV panels with 12 BB technology.
Huasun HJT solar cell

What is BusBar Technology?

When describing the 12 BB and 9BB or MBB(multi busbar) photovoltaic cell technology, the abbreviation BB should be explained. In English, this abbreviation stands for BusBar. What are BusBars? Undoubtedly, BusBars are connectors running vertically through silicon cells, responsible for collecting energy from the cells. The first photovoltaic modules had only 2 BusBars. To increase the efficiency of the entire system, the 9/12 Bus Bar photovoltaic panel technology was developed. Certainly, the use of 12 BB technology enables higher output power and reliability of the photovoltaic modules.

12BB and 9BB technology - advantages


HJT Solar Panels 9BB/12BB (multi busbar)

HS-B120DS Himalaya Bifi Series



High reliability of Multi Bus Bar technology

The current generated by the fine busbar is conducted to the main busbar of the PV panel. Consequently, if the busbar is broken or damaged, some of the currents cannot be transferred to the main busbar. The consequence of which is the incorrect operation of the cell, which is manifested by a low short-circuit current and low output power.

In traditional panels, the distance of a single busbar from the main busbar is long, so if the panel power is damaged, the power of the panel is completely lowered.

However, in the case of solar cells using 9BB/12BB technology, these distances are shorter. Consequently, when the busbar fails, the power of the panel will not be degraded much.

Solar panels with MBB technology have higher reliability. They are resistant to mechanical stress, therefore they are resistant to microcracks, snow, rain and other weather anomalies. The Multi BusBar technology reduces the stress on the solder strip, which reduces the risk of breaking the Bus Bar.

Multi BusBar tech for utility-scale installations?

The production technology of the BusBar 9BB/12BB system is crucial in high-power installations. Undoubtedly, in these installations, aspects such as the area occupied, power from one module, safety and durability make up a large whole. Therefore, MBB modules are optimal for:

  • solar farms,
  • large commercial installations,
  • farm photovoltaics,
  • PV installations for condominiums.
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