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PCS and BCS- KEHUA Review

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energy storage systems KEHUA
energy storage systems KEHUA
ESS solutions for commercial and utility-scale. On GRID and Off-Grid storage systems for photovoltaic installation and renewable projects.
energy storage system Kehua

Why Energy Storage System?

Due to the intermittent, fluctuating and unpredictable factors of new energy power generation, large-scale power access will inevitably increase the difficulties of power grid regulation, and may cause a large number of abandon energy. The container energy storage system can well solve these problems by storage of excess energy to avoid unnecessary waste. Kehua Tech global leader in Renewable Industry creates a wide range of solutions using PCS/BCS products for BESS (battery energy storage system).


Power Generation and Power Consumption with ESS

Problems with Renewable Energy

Because of producing green energy from Wind or PV is :

  • Intermittent 
  • Randomness
  • Volatility
  • Difficult to predict

it courses several impacts for Grid operators like difficulty to control or discontinuous power load to grid net.

ess kehua


ESS or BESS can be complicated and deeply customize systems. But all energy storage systems have crucial parts which are the base tools for each project.

PCS & ESS product KEHUA

PCS most important parts of ESS and BESS systems?

PCS (Power Conversion System) is at the same time heart and brain in any ESS projects. His main function is to convert power from DC to AC. But game-changer abilities of PCS are intelligent and AI managing of energy flow between battery, GRID and energy produce system like PV, WIND Turbine or Power Plan. 

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