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Ranking-TOP 3 Solar Panels for Solar Farms

Table of Contents

risen 9MW solar farm
risen 9MW solar farm
Top 3 the best solar panels solutions for PV plant. Review and test HJT module of Akcome, Jinergy and Risen. Solar panel ranking for utility.

TOP 3 best Solar panels for Utility-Scale

Akcome Optronics

All in One PV Solutions Provider
  • 120 & 144 166 mm CELLS
  • High Power Abilities
  • Bifacial Panel
  • Glass-Glass Module
  • 1500 VDC
  • HJT N-type
  • Best Warranty Terms
  • 375W - 475W

Ranking and Solar Review AKCOME HI-Chaser HJT

Power Range
375W - 475W 91%
Warranty Terms
25 yr Product and 30 yr Power 98%
Bifacial over 90% 99%

Why AKOME solar panels HJT series are the best?

When we analyze AKCOME Optronics HJT solar panels we see every technical advantage:

  • bifacial above 90%
  • high power: 120 cells 395W and 144 cells 475W
  • glass-glass with 30mm frame
  • half-cut with 9BB technology
  • extremely low temperature coefficient -0,24%/℃
  • Fire class A
  • 1500VDC 
  • Anti PID and LID solutions

There is nothing to add an important advantage to use in the case of Chaser-M6/120P and Chaser-M6/144P solar panels. 

But technology is one side of the coin, second is warranty and Company abilities. And in this aspect, AKCOME is a leader in the PV market:

  1. The best product warranty in HJT solar panel class with 25 years is an amazing result. 
  2. More than 90% power after 30 Years is number one in all HJT solar modules. 
  3. Module and solar construction design to perfect fit and maximize the efficiency of both products. 
  4. Flexible payment option with Sinosure credit line insurance. 
  5. EPC experience and products dedicate especially utility-scale projects.

Summarizing AKCOME first position, key and strong advantages are all in one solution combine best HJT solar panels with a wide range of solar construction like trackers and bifacial dedicated products.

Ask for quotation and price!

Jinneng Clean Energy Technology

TOP HJT Manufacturer
  • 120 & 144 166 mm CELLS
  • High Power Abilities
  • Bifacial PV Module
  • Glass-Glass Solar Panel
  • 1500 VDC
  • HJT N type
  • TIER I Bloomberg
  • 390W - 465W

RISEN Energy

TOP 5 Solar Producer
  • 120 CELLS 160mm
  • High Power Module
  • Bifacial Solution
  • 1500 VDC
  • N-type Panel (HJT)
  • TIER I Bloomberg
  • 335W-355W
  • Double Glass COver

Solar Panel Review and Important Features

How To Choose Power of Solar Panels?

Solar Module is connected to the size of module and silicon(or CIGS and Perovskite) production technology. For the utility-scale project in most cases, bigger power means better LCOE a BOS costs. But for e.g. big solar investments on roofs have to have special needs like weight and then smaller panels will be dedicated.

What Solar Modules Have Best Warranty Terms?

Warranty and Insurance of Warranty is a most crucial aspect.  Product Warranty for Producer. Of course higher and longer mean better. The lowest warranty is 10-12 Years(Risen and Jinergy). Medium warranty is between 15-20 (Jolywood) years and the best top class modules are 20-30(Akcome or Mysolar) years. 

Why Bifacial Solar Panel?

Bifaciality is the “magic” solar ability to produce energy from both sides of the solar panel. Thanks to this ability energy production can be even 30% higher. Most bifacial solar modules have glass-glass cover, so protection against fire is higher. HJT technology has the best bifacial factor of more than 90% compare to PERC 70-75%. Only flat installation is not dedicated to bifacial panels. Best performance bifaciality showing on utility-scale with bifacial dedicated construction (AKCOME Metal Solutions).

Who have best Linear power output in solar panels?

Linear Power Loss/output warranty. This warranty shows how fast PV modules will be degraded and how much power will produce solar panels after 25-30 years. 25 years have mostly modules low class or without glass-glass cover. 30 years have good quality solar panels. Another important issue at this point is how fast the module will lose power. Best modules in this aspect have even more than 90% after 30 years(Akcome or Mysolar). Good modules have between 85-90% after 30 years and worst are below 85%. 

What solar panel has best Temperature Coefficient?

The temperature Coefficient is strictly connected to the technology with which the solar panel is made of. Best in class is HJT solar panels with temperature coefficients below %/ ℃, mostly 0,25 %/℃. It’s crucial everywhere where the temperature of module and environment increase the high level, causing energy production rapidly slow down. 

Why solar module efficiency is tricky?

Generally, efficiency is measure in the laboratory to show how solar panels produce energy in the standard test conditions. But tricky in this case is that test conditions are hard to repeat in real life. So efficiency shows us only the general abilities of each module and production technology. This is the reason why important is know te technology production and advantage of it. In harsh conditions like fog, cloudy days, hot climates HJT module will produce more energy every if the efficiency of cells is worst than competitors.

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